ENRIQUE MONTERO ABOGADOS is a law firm with more than thirty years of experience, focusing on civil law,and with special emphasis on tort law. We also collaborate with other local and national law firms, allowing us to provide full and comprehensive legal advice to our clients.

The firm ENRIQUE MONTERO ABOGADOS was initially formed with the encouragement and guidance of our mentor, Rafael Yllescas Melendo. In his position as Dean of the Bar Association of Córdoba, Sr. Yllescas was the founder and first Director of the School of Legal Practice that currently bears his name, and in which most of the members of the firm were trained.

The ideal of the advocacy which presides ENRIQUE MONTERO ABOGADOS is based on the words that Dr. De Castro, in his “Discursos críticos sobre las leyes,” wrote in respect to the professión of lawyer:

“There are those who with sound advice prevent the evil of turmoil; those who with right decisions extinguish the fire of already fiery discords; those who guard the public peace. The consolation of the miserable depends upon them; the poor, the widows and orphans, find relief against oppression in their ways; their houses are temples where justice is worshiped; their studies, sanctuaries of peace; their mouths, oracles of the laws; their knowledge, the arms of the oppressed. Because of them, each retains what is his and recovers what has been lost; iniquity flees from their voices; lies are revealed, falsehood is rejected, vice is vanquished and virtue is upheld.”.

Areas of Practice

Our Principles

  1. Do not rise above the state of your conscience.
  2. Do not affect a conviction you do not have.
  3. Do not give in to popularity or adulation of tyranny.
  4. Always remember that you are there for the client and not the client for you.
  5. Never presume in court to rise above the magistrates, but do not allow yourself to be less.
  6. Have faith in reason, which is what, in general, prevails.
  7. Put morals above the law.
  8. Appreciate as the best the texts of common sense.
  9. Seek peace as the greatest triumph.
  10. Always seek justice through the path of sincerity and with no weapons other than your knowledge.

(Ángel Ossorio y Gallardo. El alma de la toga. Madrid, 1919)